Hope, and the writings of Peggy Symons
Hope, and the writings of Peggy Symons

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We need your help!
Florida is already 50th in mental health funding in the country, and the Florida Senate is discussing cutting $50 million from that funding for the upcoming year.
Help us let our legislators know that mental health funding is important in Florida- click this link to send an email to all of our state legislators, it only takes a moment of your time to help make a positive change for all of Florida.  
Thanks for your help in this important campaign. 

Candice Crawford
Mental Health Association of Central Florida
1525 E Robinson St
Orlando, FL 32801
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"This email request was taken from the website of the Mental Health Association of Central Florida."


Click #ElectHealthFL to tell legislators to fund healthcare!


Share this! We need thousands to send this email TODAY!


Candice Crawford
Mental Health Association Of Central Florida,Inc
Florida's Snake Pits
 The following link is to the Tampa Bay Times investigations into the snake pits we call our state hospitals. They uncovered shocking abuse, beatings, burning, even murder.
This is what happened to our most severely ill citizens after the State of Florida cut 100 million dollars from psychiatric treatment services.
One of the most rattling facts in this investigation is that without health care coverage I would have lost my own life in these snake pits.
Warning: The stories, documents and surveillance videos are difficult to witness.
Please contact your Florida State Legislatures and Governor Rick Scott at Myflorida.com
Thank you, Peggy






National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 24/7



No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.

If you feel you are in a crisis, whether or not you are thinking about killing yourself, please call the Lifeline. People have called us for help with substance abuse, economic worries, relationship and family problems, sexual orientation, illness, getting over abuse, depression, mental and physical illness, and even loneliness.





Pathways Drop-In Center is a mental health consumer-run community center for people suffering from major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, and other severe biological brain disorders.

ww.pathwaysdropin.org   www.pathwaysdropin.org/


Pathways Drop-in Center in Orlando, Florida provides food and services to the mentally ill, many of whom are homeless. If you need help, contact us at ...





Address:1313 30th St,

Orlando, FL 32805 

Phone:(407) 843-5530
Closed on Sunday



National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Greater Orlando, Central Florida's
Voice on Mental Illness.


Founded in 1985, the National Alliance on Mental
Illness Greater Orlando (NAMIGO) is an organization dedicated to the eradication
of the stigma associated with mental illnesses and to the improvement of the
quality of life for all whose lives are affected by these diseases.


NAMI recognizes that the key concepts of
recovery, resiliency, and support are essential to improving the wellness and
quality of life of all persons affected by mental illness.  Mental illnesses
should not be an obstacle to a full and meaningful life for persons who live
with them.  NAMI advocates at all levels to ensure that, in a timely fashion,
all persons affected by mental illness receive the services that they need and


NAMI Greater Orlando is affiliated with NAMI Florida, Inc., an
organization that includes more than 30 local affiliates and 2,000 members
across the state of Florida. NAMIGO serves the following areas: Orange and
Seminole counties.


NAMI Greater Orlando
1800 Mercy Drive,
Suite 300, Mailbox 4
Orlando, FL 32808
Tel: (407) 253-1900
Fax: (407)
namigo@namigo.org; communications@namigo.org

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00
a.m.-5:00 p.m.




Florida Partners in Crisis is the only Florida organization that unites representatives of the public and private sectors to actively promote the cost-effective use of tax dollars for treatment of persons with mental illnesses and substance use disorders to help create safer communities.

Peggy Symons, advocate and talented author, presents some of her work to Rep. Rouson. Peggy is an active member of Florida Partners In Crisis and NAMI Greater Orlando and a trainer for Crisis Intervention Training programs.

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