Hope, and the writings of Peggy Symons
Hope, and the writings of Peggy Symons




Analyzing Freud

Newsweek International

Freud is not dead.

He's a restless spirit who continues to obscure the biological legitimacy
of mental illnesses. His intrusion into the 21st century is blurring the line
between true mental illness and the shadows and haunts of ordinary human
unhappiness. His tenure has lingered for a century to perpetuate the blame,
shame and guilt that shrouds mental illness. The most troubling character of
this persistent presence is its undiminished power to lay the blame for mental
illnesses at the feet of families. Until Sigmund Freud is finally laid to rest,
those of us who live with these brain disorders will have to keep shadowboxing
with a ghost that refuses to die.

Symons   National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Orlando


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